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American Chestnut Wood

Reclaimed American Chestnut---Chestnut blight caused by a fungus entered the country on Asian nursery stock imported to New York around 1900. the American Chestnut was highly susceptible, the tree was devasted throughout the natural range, extending over the Appalachians, and highlands from Maine to Georgia. By 1940, three and one half billion American Chestnut trees had perished.

History of the Canal Street Chestnut---The Hoover barn was located just outside of Hopkinsville, KY. It was built around 1920 and served as an agricultural building until the late 1970's when it was deemed too dangerous to house animals or to work out of due to its deteriorating condition. The Hoovers were an Amish family who had bought the farm after moving there from Lancaster, PA in the 1950's. It was a traditionally framed 20' x 42' two story with two 14 foot side shelters. Most of the framing was a Chestnut while the siding was a combination of Oak and Chestnut. It was deconstruced in late 2007 and has been used in various projects.

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