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Tom Veff developed a love of knives at an early age. The son of an Army First Sergeant, he traveled extensively and always sought out knife shops wherever his father was stationed. As a young man, he entered the meat industry and was a journeyman meat cutter and meat department manager for 20 years. He found that he had a natural ability to put an edge on all types of cutting tools. In 1989, he established Veff Sharpening Service in Oregon City, Oregon. His reputation for producing a very high polished, surgically sharp convex edge has led to his customer base extending throughout the United States. He decided to incorporate some of his own ideas and began designing knives that were task specific. His philosophy is that a cutting tool should be comfortable to use and efficient for the task at hand. Because he was always intrigued with cutting edges, it was natural for him to improve on pre-existing designs. This led him to design Veff Serrations which have proven to be the most efficient and effective serrations available to date and are used exclusively by CRKT.
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