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Raleigh Tabor says, "As the son of an Air Force Lt. Col., I traveled most of my life. In Wyoming, where we were stationed during my teens, I learned to enjoy the outdoors and the challenge of hunting and fishing. When my father retired in the '70s we moved back to our home state of Georgia, where I am still an avid hunter and fisherman. I began working in the autobody industry and owned several businesses before retiring. I decided to try my hand at knifemaking and discovered I had a æfeel for the steel.' As time went on I felt I had come upon a challenge I could actually enjoy. I began designing and making folders and straight knives by hand, plus leather sheaths to fit each one. As enjoyable as my hobby was, I soon found that by word of mouth it had turned into a success. I have always been a perfectionist and would not offer a product to anyone unless it met my approval. The Ta-Bar Tool originated through my interest in gadgets. I incorporated several tools into one slim and trim tool that is easily accessible and useful."
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