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Greg Lightfoot of Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada, is a past Vice President of the Canadian Knifemakers’ Guild. While owning a body-building gym, he developed an interest in knives, bought David Boye’s book, built a grinder, and started to make hunting knives. Beginning in 1985, he would make a collection of knives and ride his Harley-Davidson throughout the western states, selling his wares along the route. Soon he turned his attention to tactical and folding knives. Blade magazine has identified him as one of the Top 10 Tactical Knifemakers in the world. The Blade survey participants made comments such as: “Greg Lightfoot was one of the first to put the chisel grind on the right side of the blade so the knife would cut straight.” “Lightfoot’s work has evolved over the last few years as he builds and refines it.” With Lightfoot it’s not one knife design, but the fact that he makes so many different and innovative designs that makes him so good. Greg is the designer of CRKT’s Lightfoot M1.
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